So you want to be a Road Captain?  Here are some some basic requirements:

  1. Be familiar with the area, know the roads, especially those nice back roads that we love to ride.
  2. Attend at least 3 rides with the club, observe what a road captain does, then make your request.
  3. Be aware of H.O.G. riding styles & procedures and pre-ride briefings that are required.
  4. Check with our Head Road Captain, Phil Lyon, for a quick qualification consultation.
  5. Lead at least 3 rides per year.
  6. Sweep at least 3 rides per year.
  7. No CB Radio is required, hand signals are fine but we do use our CB's on Channel 24 if you have one.
  8. Once you're qualified, you earn discount incentives from our Sponsor.  Qualification during any given year automatically qualifies you for the next year as long as you continue to fulfill your minimum ride requirements you're status as a Road Captain will stay valid.

2014/2015 Road Captains

Photo Last First Email Status
Banks John Qualified
Bradshaw Gayle David Qualified
Brown Jere Qualified
Carter Paul Qualified
Driscoll Joseph Qualified
Harris Fred Qualified
Harris Lynn Qualified
Kruer Merle Qualified
Lobb Ron Qualified
London Marc Qualified
Lukas Roger Qualified
Lyon Philip Qualified
Mahorney Mike Qualified
Smith Frank Qualified
Wooten Charles Qualified