1)       Elections are to be held for the four primary Officer positions: Director, Asst.Director, Secretary and Treasurer. The Ancient City Chapter Primary Officer term of service is from January to December of the following year (2 year term)

2)       The election chairman shall be appointed by the current Chapter Director. Other members will be requested to serve by the committee chairman and approved by the Chapter Director. No person running for office or family member of a nominee may serve on the election committee.

3)       Nominations for office are open to any Ancient City Chapter member whose membership is current and in good standing according to the Chapter charter.

4)       Nominations will be entertained during the regular monthly Chapter meetings in September, October and November.

 You may self nominate.

5)       Each nominee must personally accept his/her nomination in order to be considered. This may be done verbally or, if unable to attend, in writing at either September, October or November meeting. Nominations not accepted during the November meeting will be rejected.

6)       When nominations are complete in the November meeting, each candidate will be provided an opportunity to briefly address members attending the meeting.  This allows the candidate to introduce themselves, present their qualifications, and plans for serving in their desired role.

7)       After the November meeting, the nominations will be forwarded to the sponsoring dealership for approval or rejection of each nominee. The decision to reject a nominee from the election process is solely reserved to the sponsoring dealer and their decision is final.

8)       Because dealer approval is required for the nominees, write in candidates during the election will not be allowed and votes for a write in candidate will not be counted.

9)       After approval by the dealer, ballots will be printed and prepared for voting in the December meeting.

10)   Election voting will take place beginning at 9:30am and will close at 10:00 am at the regularly scheduled Chapter meeting for the month of December.  The election may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Chapter Director should conflicts arise that are beyond Chapter control.

11)   Each Ancient City Chapter member with a current membership and in good standing will be allowed one vote. The Chapter Membership Officer’s Records (including National HOG database) shall be used to determine voter eligibility. To expedite the verification process all members should bring their current National HOG to the December meeting.  If the National Membership card is not present, the Chapter Membership Officer records and the National HOG database will be the final determination of eligibility.

12)   Once National HOG and Ancient City Chapter memberships have been verified, the voter will be given a validated ballot.  Replacement ballots will not be issued and unvalidated ballots will not be counted.  Voters will not write their names on the ballot. 

13)   Members will place his/her ballot in a designated ballot box.  The ballot box will be attended at all times by a member of the election committee.

14)   There will not be any absentee or early voting. Proxy voting will be allowed. The proxy will be required to be in possession of the current membership for the individual desiring to have their prosy vote cast by another member.  Only one proxy vote per member.

15)   Votes will be tabulated during the December chapter meeting. To ensure fair elections and confidentiality, only election committee members will be allowed in the room where ballot counting takes place.

16)   As soon as the results are tabulated, the results of the election will be announced.

17)   The newly elected officers will shadow the current officers during the December meeting and begin their term of service at the January  meeting of the following year.



In order to prevent misunderstandings, please read item 11 above carefully. If an individual’s membership cannot be verified, the individual will not be allowed to vote! It is the member’s personal responsibility to make him/her eligible, not the Chapter.