2019 Membership Form Updates

If the background color of the Current Waiver Date column next to your name in the table below is not Green (date on or after 12/1/2018), please complete a new Membership Form as soon as possible and hand it to an Officer / Road Captain at the next ride or meeting you attend.

A current Membership Form dated on or after 12/1/2018 is required for ride participation.

We need documents with original signatures so no email please.

You can also mail it to one of the addresses below:

Jere Brown

ACHOG Membership Officer

809 Newpark Court

Saint Augustine, FL 32084


ACHOG Membership

Adamec Harley Davidson

118 St George Street

St Augustine, FL 32084

Note: The table below will be updated as replacement membership forms are received.

Current Waiver Date background color codes: White or Yellow = Action Required, Green = NO Action Required