We invite you to join us on May 21, 2016 for a boat ride and lunch.  There's a 21 person limit on the big boat but if we go over, by up to 6, there's a second boat available.  Join us and Capt. Ernie for a 2 hour boat tour on the St. Johns River (click here)

The boat ride begins at 10:30 am (we have to be there by 10 am) followed by lunch at the Blackwater Inn.  Tim Mahan, lead rider, will surely get us there scenically and John Banks will protect us from the rear.  It's $20.00 per person and you must signup and pay for this adventure on or before our meeting on 5/14/16. 

We do have to prepay for the tour so there's no refunds available.  The larger boat hold 21 and there's a 2nd boat available that holds 6.  It's FIRST COME FIRST SERVED for this so sign up quickly and pay any Officer when you see them or no later than at the meeting in May.

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